Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer is coming!

Summer is coming and so are swimming lessons! But unfortunately, so are drowning's.

Each and every year, we spend our weekends at the lake, around the pool, in the water park. It is so much fun, not to mention refreshing from the heat! But also each year, we forget about what the value of swimming or learn to swim really is.

I ran across an article on the All Ears Blog that I thought I would share with you. It is a great article on the benefits of swimming. Benefits from family time to fitness and the life saving. Yes, unfortunately, lifesaving is the final benefit listed. Just like swimming lessons is sometimes the final "summer activity" that is added to a family schedule. Or worst yet, they only squeeze in a few lessons and think that is "good enough" because it is "better than nothing".

Parents should use caution in only using "introductory lessons" because is give the parents and the child a false sense that the child is able to take on any situation concerning swimming. This can cause a child to lose their life. Only a well laid out plan of swimming lessons and safety lessons can help to avoid a terrible tragedy. Only a well trained instructor and well managed program can deliver the right kind of lessons that can save your child's life.

So when reading any article on all the wonderful benefits of swimming, always look in the article where they list that it can be a life saving tool for your family. Health benefits are great, but if you do not survive, that information does not serve you at all. Life saving should be your very first benefit and your very first plan to be around water this summer.

Oh! And here is the link to the article I mentioned above. It really is a good article, but read from the bottom up. Have a splashing good day!