Friday, May 20, 2011

Star Fish Swimming Academy Now Registering For Summer Swimming Sessions in Woodward

Registration for summer swimming sessions, offered twice in June and twice in July, is now being accepted. Pre-level classes for ages 2-5 years and Learn to Swim levels for 5 years and up are available. Also available is a Mom & Me toddler class.

Star Fish Swimming Academy offers a leveled program designed for success. Each level  in the pre-levels is age appropriate and includes becoming comfortable in the water and the ability to turn face up and free float for several minutes. Safety lessons are included in each class.

The Learn To Swim Level has seven different levels that progress through the proper skills needed to becomce a more than average skilled swimmer. From the beginner to the advanced level swimmer, students receive a high level of instruction in the mechanics of how to swim well. Every class during the session includes a safety lesson.

" Swimming is a life skill" states Mary Myers, trainer/director at Star Fish Swimming Academy. "All children should learn to swim and parents need to realize that the skills they learn here could save their child's life, even as an adult." Drownings generally happen to those who never intend to enter the water, such as boaters and jet ski riders. They tend to feel safe as long as they are not in the water and have a vest on, but just one small accident can change the entire scenerio. According to drowning records, boys tend to drown more often tahn girls.

"Water safety classes are vital to proper aquatic training and education" says Myers. " Even well trained swimmers drown if they do not make wise decisions. This is why our classes include a safety lesson and we also offer a Swim Safely Camp."

Myers has been around water and water instruction all of her life. At a young age, her mother registered her for  Red Cross swimming lessons. Later she attend Red Coss swimming camp and certified as  a Water Safety Instructor Aide to assist with the classes. This eventually  continued to training as a Red Coss Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguarding Instructor, CPR and First Aide Instructor and eventually led her to training as a Red Cross Instructor Trainer. She also served on a state health and safety committee for the Oklahoma American Red Cross. Myers continued her aquatic training by becoming YMCA SCUBA certified and even helped to bring SCUBA classes to Woodward at one point. She has continued her aquatic training and association throught the American Learn To Swim Teachers Association as well as the United Sates Swimming Schools Association.

Registration for classes is available on line for convenience from your home or office. Just visit the Star Fish Swimming Academy website for more information and registration. Calls for more information are also accepted at 580-256-3262.

Students that have trained with Myers and Star Fish Swimming Academy before, are tracked on skills and can easily be placed in a class. Parents registering  their children are given a parent portal system log-in that allows the parent to see and track their child's progress. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available.